Azusa Nakano


Winter Uniform

  • Status: Retired
  • Cost: ~$50
  • Thrifted and worn in 2011

Even though K-ON! takes place in high school, I really got into it in college. The songs are catchy, too! Mio was my favorite character until Azusa was introduced.

I thrifted a navy blazer and bought a gray knife-pleated skirt from a cheap uniform store online. I already had red ribbon lying around, so I used that for the neck ribbon. The wig is a short wig and two ponytail clip-ons that I bought from an ebay seller. Personally, were I to redo this costume, I wouldn't go the clip-on route; I think it has too much volume and doesn't resemble Azusa's pigtails very well.

Also pictured is our old cat Drake, who's since passed away. RIP, buddy.

Photos by my friend Maddie and Soul-Drive Photography (back in our deviantart days!)

With Kikukachan as Yui