Cheria Barnes

Tales of Graces

  • Status: Retired
  • Cost: ~$90
  • Bought and worn in 2011-2015

I bought this so long ago that I'm not sure where I got it from. However, I ended up having to add a panel to the back of the skirt because it was way too small on me!

Even before Tales of Graces came out in English, I wanted to cosplay Cheria. Her outfit spoke to me; I love all the ribbons and the pink and red elements! Had I redone this, I would have left a little length on the wig and curled it some more, but that was the extent of 2011 Rose's skills! I think I have improved, haha.

The wig is a very old Epic Cosplay wig. I think it was called Laurel at the time and in Raspberry Pink.

Photos by Soulfire Studio and Soul-Drive Photography. (Check individual photos for credits.)