Eleanor Hume

Tales of Berseria

  • Status: Active

  • Cost: ~$200

  • Bought in 2018, worn 2018 to present

Tales of Berseria and I have a complicated relationship in the beginning. When I first saw pictures of the characters, I was pretty unenthusiastic. I didn’t like Velvet’s in particular, and I also loathed Magilou’s and Rokurou’s. I’ve since come around to the outfits after playing the game; they really do fit the characters. But I’ve always loved the design of the exorcists’ clothes, because they’re so gorgeous!

I purchased this costume from FM-Anime. However, it didn’t come with the shoes or leg pieces, so I made those, drafting them from scratch after classic jodhpurs. Many classic military pants also use the jodhpur style, so it gave me a new perspective on the church in Tales of Berseria. The gold designs are iron-on vinyl designs that I patterned and cut out.

I also assembled the hair pieces for Eleanor’s hair. I bought kanzashi-style accessories from this Etsy seller and added the strips of fabric with writing on it. They clip into the wig.

Speaking of the wig, it’s a Chibi wig from Arda Wigs in Salmon. I think this color is perfect for Eleanor, because it’s a pinky-orange color. Because I have a small head, I purchased it in the small cap size, but I think this color has since been discontinued from that style.

Read how I made the spear on my blog!

Photos by Feytaline, Hijinx, Yenra, DJTAAAAM, FX Dandy, and Fuyuzakura

With Trickssi as Velvet, Fractali as Rokurou, Niho of Trimeriad Cosplay as Eizen, Tomoyo of Trimeria Cosplay as Laphicet