Hikaru Shidou

Magic Knight Rayearth


  • Status: Active

  • Cost: ~$300

  • Bought and worn in 2016 - Present

My fifth Hikaru costume. I knew I wanted to keep cosplaying more of her outfits, and when I heard my MKR trio wanted to do the Autozam/Chizeta/Fahren outfits, I hopped onboard. I was pretty busy with work, stressed out, and wanted to support the cosplaying community in other ways, so I decided to commission someone local. Bluucircles made every part of this costume, and I still adore it.

The wig is a Magnum with matching wefts in Rose Pink from Arda Wigs. In my mind, it's the perfect color for Hikaru. Her hair color ranges from bright red to a light pink in canon artwork, but I think the medium pink goes along with her outfits the best. And the Rose Pink is a beautiful blend of different pinks, so it doesn't look like a flat color.

Photos by Marie Newby Photography, HM Cosplay Photography, Lady Killmoves Cosplay/Photography, and Joseph Fox Photography. (Check individual photos for credits.)

With Kikukachan as Fuu and Animus Sollertiae as Umi