Hikaru Shidou

Magic Knight Rayearth

Checkered dress

  • Status: Active
  • Cost: ~$70
  • Made and worn in 2015 - Present

When my friend made her dress for Fuu from an artbook illustration, I decided to make Hikaru's matching dress! And then our other friend also made Umi's so that we could be our wonderful trio for a casual Sunday morning at Katsucon.

This is the first time I used Spoonflower to print custom fabric. I went with faille for the flowiness, but I noticed the black bled a little bit in certain areas of the dress, so maybe stick to cottons for Spoonflower.

I used a red knit for the jacket, and it drapes so beautifully! However, I should have tested the pattern first; the arm holes and sleeves are quite small, and the neckline isn't quite right, so the closure has a tendency to ride up. And if I were to make the hat again, I would use something stiffer and make the hat bigger and more floppy. But overall, I think it looks quite nice. I finished the costume in the haze of a fever before the con, and I've vowed not to do that again...

I also LOVE the shoes! Colorful wingtips are cute. This is so very '90s.

Photos by Joseph Fox Photography

With Kikukachan as Fuu and Animus Sollertiae as Umi