Hikaru Shidou

Magic Knight Rayearth

CLAMP in 3D Land

  • Status: Active
  • Cost: ~$70
  • Made and worn in 2014 - Present

My very first Hikaru costume!!!

I have loved Hikaru ever since middle school. I even dressed up as her one year for Halloween. And now she's one of my staple cosplays!

The CLAMP in 3D Land outfits are incredibly comfortable, but they were annoying to make. The fabric we chose for the white sections is slippery (I wish I could say what the fabric was called, but I've banished it from my mind), so it was difficult to sew properly. This was also my first time trying out applique the proper way!

The first wig was a Magnum with the wefts from a matching ponytail clip in Rose Pink (from Arda Wigs) haphazardly attached to the back of the wig. After the first run of the costume, I took that out and sewed in long wefts. I also took several inches off the braid because it was too long for my tastes.

My favorite memory of this costume is when we did a pajama party at Katsucon. Check out the jenga photos below! We decided Hikaru would definitely be the one most likely to knock the tower over.

Photos by Smile Jade Photography, Mel Shardae Photography, Soul-Drive Photography, and Lazy Cat Cosplay/Photography. (Check individual photos for credits.)

With Kikukachan as Fuu and Animus Sollertiae as Umi