Hikaru Shidou

Magic Knight Rayearth


  • Status: Active
  • Cost: ~$40
  • Made and worn in 2017 - Present

This is the most comfortable costume I've ever made, and also one where nothing went wrong! Hooray, improvement!

I used white cotton sateen for the top. The skirt, sailor collar, tie, and red part of the hat are all from kona cotton in the tomato shade. I used twill tape for all the white strips. Animus was kind enough to make the hat and belt for me! She also made me stencils for the emblem of Rayearth, and I used various colors of fabric paint for it.

This was also the perfect costume to wear at Colossalcon East! It made sense for us to play in the water in these outfits, and I think the photos turned out fantastic.

Photos by Para Para Productions

With Kikukachan as Fuu and Animus Sollertiae as Umi