Hikaru Shidou

Magic Knight Rayearth

Winter Angel

  • Status: Active
  • Cost: ~$70
  • Made and worn in 2014 - Present

This was also one of those costumes I had wanted to do since middle school. I remember seeing the winter angel illustration in an artbook and really wanting to cosplay Hikaru's outfit.

I thrifted the top half of this costume; it's just a white hoodie and a cream sweater. I added the pompoms to the hoodie drawstring. I bought a pair of white wings on Amazon, and it was sheer coincidence that the ties for the wings are the same color as the sweater. Lucky!! The skirt is a standard knife-pleated skirt that I made without a pattern. (I'm pretty comfortable making pleated skirts by this point.) I already had the white socks, and I bought a white scrunchie and the shoes. All in all, pretty simple, and great for winter! One day I'd love to actually get photos in the snow...

Photos by Joseph Fox Photography, Mel Shardae Photography, and PotatoKraken Photography. (Check individual photos for credits.)

With Kikukachan as Fuu and Liebs Cosplay as Umi