Golden Sun

  • Status: Active
  • Cost: ~$200
  • Bought/made and worn in 2011 - Present

This is my oldest cosplay that I still wear! I couldn't ever bear to retire this.

I made the pants out of a jersey knit fabric. It has a nice sheen, and it's flowy! I thrifted a purple tunic-dress-turtleneck, and I hemmed it to the appropriate length. The boots are actually a pair of knockoff Uggs (shhhh). The belt is made from an upholstery cord that I dyed brown. The golden pieces are stryofoam balls that I painted gold and cut holes into.

ArcaneStatic made the hooded top for me, and he did an amazing job.

Photos by Joseph Fox Photography, FX Dandy Cos, JC Images, Soul-Drive Photography, and Pixel Studios. (Check individual photos for credits.)