Kururi Orihara


  • Status: Retired
  • Cost: ~$50
  • Made and worn in 2011-2014

When we watched the DRRR extra episodes in anime club, Kikukachan and I were like, "LET'S BE TWINS AGAIN!"

Kururi and Mairu are so weird, but let's be real--everyone in this series is a weirdo. The most sensible one is the Dullahan.

We bought hoodies from Target or something. Kikukachan dyed hers yellow, and by a stroke of luck, I managed to dye my skirt fabric (it was a cotton to ease with dyeing) nearly the same shade of yellow without us being with each other for this process. We both made the knife-pleated skirts on our own. Kikukachan made the little felt cat and dogs for our hoodies, and we made our own ears for the hoodies.

We love these designs, and they were totally perfect for me being the cat-lover and her being the dog-lover, and I thought it was funny how the characters' body shapes matched our own! (Not that that ever needs to be a thing to make a good cosplay, but it's neat when it works out that way.)

Photos by Smile Jade Photography and Munabuns. (Check individual photos for credit.)

With Kikukachan as Mairu and Alex as Aoba Kuronuma