Leia Rolando

Tales of Xillia 2

  • Status: Retired
  • Cost: ~$90
  • Made and worn in 2013-2015

Leia was my perfect character for summer 2013. I had just graduated. I wasn't entirely sure of what I was going to do after college. I had a journalism degree. I hoped everything would work out if I just put my all into it. And so, I related a lot to Leia Rolando in Xillia 2!

Starting from the top, I bought a newsboy-style hat (how perfect) from Target and added the yellow strip of fabric, on which I painted the diamonds. The white shirt is something that was already in my closet, as was the black vest (which is rarely visible). The tie is just some blue cotton fabric I had laying around. I spliced together a few patterns for the jacket. I didn't quite get the pleats right in the back, because I didn't have enough fabric, so I at least tried to make the folds visible, even if there wasn't actually enough fabric. (The folds were quite small.) I made some basic cuffed shorts, and I forgot to bring them with me the first time I wore the costume!! I had luckily packed a similar pair of shorts, so I used those as my backup.

Continuing downward, the socks are over-the-knee black socks, and I painted the white diamonds on while wearing the socks, because I knew they'd get too stretched and look weird on my thighs if I didn't paint them on while wearing the socks. I'm proudest of the shoes; they're a thrift find, which I painted white and added craft foam on top of for the pink pieces and for the black band around the top of the shoes. I attached fur to that strip of foam, and even though the fur shed a bit while I worked with it, it stuck to the foam perfectly.

I last wore the costume with a group, and even though I had a wonderful time with everyone, I wasn't totally satisfied with the fit of the costume, and the quality of the costume was definitely not my best. (I cranked it out in a week during a stressful time of my life.) I retired it soon afterward, but I do love the photos I got back.

Photos by Eleventh Photograph, someone at the Tales shoot (not sure who, sorry!), and Soulfire Studio. (Check individual photos for credit.)

With Kirameki Cosplay as Vera, Trickssi as Nova, Tomoyo of Trimeriad Cosplay as Elle, Celine as Jude