Loretta Cristiano Amodio


  • Status: Retired
  • Cost: ~$50
  • Thrifted and worn in 2016

I'm very much all about comfortable, low-key cosplays on Sundays. Loretta is a great example. She's also just a really cool character; I joke that she's a teenage mob boss...but she is, so...

This costume was entirely thrifted, except for the neck bow, which I made. I already had a black box-pleated skirt, a white button-up shirt, and the socks, so I only had to buy the shoes and the wig, which is a Hestia in Platinum Blonde from Epic Cosplay Wigs. It was originally a curl wig, which I straightened into loose waves and cut. Loretta has a small braid at either side of her head, which both connect to a small half-ponytail. I did this all in a hotel room Saturday night of the con when I wasn't feeling well and just wanted to chill in my hotel room, and I'm really happy with how it turned out, even though you can't see it in front-facing pictures!

Photos by Smile Jade Photography and PotatoKraken Photography. (Check individual photos for credits.)

With Lawrence as Galahad Woehor, Fiercely Tiny Cosplay as Marco Adriano, Lady Killmoves Cosplay as Alex Benedetto, Ian as Worick Arcangelo, Alex as Nicolas Brown, and Kikukachan as Nina