Midnight Navy

  • Status: Retired
  • Cost: ~$50
  • Made and worn in 2012

A lot of my friends got into Midnight Navy around 2010-2011, so I was a little late to the party, but my friend Jade really wanted me to cosplay Musashi. I kept putting it off until I was in London for a study abroad program, and I got to see models of the battleship Musashi, and it hit me that I needed to make the costume!! When I returned home that summer, I started on it immediately and then I headed into the Baltimore Inner Harbor for Jade to take some photos. This was just a normal weekend--no Otakon or anything--so people definitely gave me some strange looks, but even more people asked to take my picture by the boats. They thought I was dressed up as a sailor for some kind of event, haha.

I made the costume from scratch, but I definitely got the sizing wrong on the hat. I made the rookie mistake of measuring my head without the wig on it. Otherwise, stuff came together fairly well!

I got the black wig from a friend. I think it may have been a cheap ebay wig or something. I ended up straightening it with the hot water method, because it had flyaways and weird wavy pieces.

Photos by Smile Jade Photography and myself