North Italy

Hetalia: Axis Powers

  • Status: Retired

  • Cost: ~$100

  • Bought and worn in 2009-2010

North Italy was a cute character, and I spent a lot of time watching Hetalia with friends in high school and early college. I like bright blue, and I'm also part Italian, so I decided I wanted to cosplay him.

I bought the costume from Cosplay House, and it fit pretty well; I was actually impressed with its quality. I added a makeshift white flag for Italy with a piece of white cotton and a dowel rod.

I first wore the costume to a Hetalia meetup in DC, and we all walked around the Washington mall and various museums together. We all eagerly talked about history, politics, and also cosplay. I ended up befriending a lot of people that day!

Later on, several of my other friends from high school also joined in on the Hetalia cosplay bandwagon, including the last time I wore the costume, when my friends were Germany and Russia. Our photoshoot was a ridiculous amount of fun; I had a great time making a variety of facial expressions. But at the con, I got glomped a few times, and that was enough. I'd had my fun in the costume, so I decided to retire it.

This is a reminder that you shouldn't touch people without permission. If you want a picture of someone cosplaying your favorite character, please ask them. If you want a selfie, just ask. If you want to give them a hug, please ask first! Getting tackle-hugged out of nowhere is really shocking.

Photos by Smile Jade Photography

With my friends Maddie as Germany and Marija as Russia