Rin Kagamine


  • Status: Retired
  • Cost: ~$70
  • Bought and worn in 2009-2010

This costume was cutecutecute.

I got into Vocaloid music in 2008-2009 through a high school friend and strangers on the internet. I happened to be at Otakon one year when a dealer was selling Vocaloid costumes, and a friend I was with at the time encouraged me to cosplay Rin because she thought it'd be really cute. I bought the outfit on impulse. It even came with the headphones, which I thought looked pretty cool considering it wasn't a super expensive costume. The leg pieces were appropriately large, too! This was also the first time I had experienced lots of people asking for my photo. It was honestly exhilarating.

The only thing I made for this costume was painting a pair of white sneakers. I don't think she technically wears sneakers, but I thought the shape was close enough, and I'll be honest--they were really comfortable. I was so comfortable in this costume.

Photos by Eurobeat King Photography and Smile Jade Photography. (Check individual photos for credit.)