Tales of Zestiria

School DLC

  • Status: Active
  • Cost: ~$50
  • Made and worn in 2017 - Present

2017 was a really rough year for me, and by the time Otakon was nearing, I had zero time and zero patience for new cosplays. My mental health was not in the best place, and I know from prior experience that I do not produce my best work like that.

So, I decided to be weather-appropriate for once and do Rose's outfit from the school-inspired DLC set. I thrifted the button-up, and all I had to do to it was cut the sleeves and add the bias tape. Then I found a nice, lightweight, pink hoodie (I still use it for non-cosplay things!) and a cool pair of red sneakers (not pictured; I wear them outside of cosplay, too). I made the tie from scratch; like all of the ties I make, it's totally fake and it closes in the back with a snap closure. The design at the bottom is done with white fabric paint. I threw together the box-pleated skirt with some white cotton sateen fabric I always have in my fabric supply and a plaid fabric I found at JOANN.

My wig wasn't long enough to have it match exactly, so I just did two small braids and a low ponytail and called it a day. I wanted this to be a no-stress costume.

I had a great time walking through downtown DC for these photos! I used to visit DC a lot back when I lived in Maryland, so it was refreshing getting to see the sights again.

Photos by Headphone Studios