Futaba Sakura

Persona 5

Summer clothes

  • Status: Active
  • Cost: ~$60
  • Thrifted and worn in 2017

Futaba was the character that--in hindsight--I should have known was going to be my favorite. I tried to go into Persona 5 with knowing as little as possible, so I had only seen character images. Haru's Noir thief outfit was my favorite, so I assumed I'd end up cosplaying her. However, Futaba's struggles with social anxiety and the death of her mother resonated with me, and then I ended up loving her humor.

This costume was largely thrifted: I found the pants and tank top in a thrift store, and I bought the base headphones, glasses, and fanny pack online. I swapped out the headphone pads for some red ones and painted the base black (it was originally grey). Sadly, they aren't the kind that can be worn around the back of the head, but those were too expensive for a lazy Sunday costume. And the Tetris-inspired tank top is from an artist on Redbubble. (There are many the last time I checked, so choose your favorite.)

The wig is a Persephone in Autumn Orange from Epic Cosplay Wigs. I cut the bangs and the two front pieces. I trimmed the back a bit since the wig is SO long, but other than that, I didn't style it much.

Photos by Kay Inoue Photography