Tohru Honda

Fruits Basket

  • Status: Active
  • Cost: ~$120
  • First version bought and worn in 2009-2010. Second version worn in 2016 - Present.

Fruits Basket has always been one of my favorite manga for its detailed characters and themes of love and acceptance.

It meant even more to me after 2014, when my mom died.

Suddenly, Tohru's grief made me hurt much more than it did in the mid-2000s.

I am so glad I got to do this costume again as an adult with my good friends as Uo and Hana. We cosplay the best friend trios forever and always.

Costume is purchased from MoonCostumes. Back in the day, I used my real hair, and now I use an Epic Cosplay Wig in the Nyx style.

Photos by some hometown friends back in 2009 and 2010 and Joseph Fox Photography.

With Kikukachan as Saki Hanajima and Animus Sollertiae as Arisa Uotani